Anup Sharma

self-picture1I am a life- long learner and learned not only to be an effective IB teacher but an Educational leader. I have motivated and guided thousands of students and tens of teachers till now. I have worked as educational leader in schools and successfully motivated the team to perform at their best. As an Educational leader I organised many events and competitions of both academics and sports. I have conducted Public examinations of a state of Diu as Centre superintendent appointed directly by Govt of India. 

As I was attending workshop for professional growth,I conducted workshop for fellow teachers in few of my schools on teaching skills, Enhanced teaching and restitution an alternative approach of discipline. 

As a teacher of Chemistry, I tried to remove fear from young minds about Chemistry. I used very simple examples from daily life to explain various topics. I used to share my experiences and difficulties with my students in order to prepare them better. I connect with the students before teaching any new group of students because I believe that without connecting with students no teaching can be done.

I always try to motivate young minds to take up teaching as a profession as it is the only man making process. I used mixture of strategies as per the students group and availability of resources. Simple tools even work wonders.

I used analogies also for teaching which enable the students to understand better because they find themselves connected to the situation. I make them feel that they are safe and protected with me. The bonding between me and my students is really amazing. They come from different nationalities, religions cultures but they find themselves close to me. They know that I am there to stand in all right things with them.

The Royal society of chemistry, London has admitted me as a member. I am experienced Extended Essay coordinator and working as Head of Science. I am a positive thinker and have progressive mind. I believe in truth and honesty in life. I have never been late till date in reporting for a work. Punctuality is one of the very important factors in building image. I always maintain it which others notice and somehow fall in to adopting it.

I have been publishing my articles on educational websites run by me for teachers and students. These are and