How to prepare for exams to get good marks and grades ?

How to prepare for exams to get good marks and grades ?

It is not too late to start preparation for coming exams. What has happened in past is not a point of thought for now. It is time to gather all your energy and plan for writing exams.

You can focus on following steps to see yourself in a better place during exams:

1. Choose relevant and selective study material like textbook, notes, guide books etc.

2. Believe in yourself that you can do it. Self belief is most important.

3. Follow a time table to study all the  subjects according to your need.

4. Do not focus on one subject only but study all subjects on scheduled time.

5. Make some small points for quick revision. You may prepare learning mat as I published here on my website.

6. Check the syllabus of the exam and identify the simpler topics first to study.

7. After covering simple topics you will gain confidence, now start solving past papers and solve only the questions from topics you already covered.

8. Now select one hard topic and divide it in small parts to study one by one. Continue the work till the exams starts.

9. Take healthy diet and keep positive attitude.

10. Do not visit the friends who de motivate you.

During Exam day:

1. Wake up on time and get ready for exam.

2. Do not panic and remain relaxed.

3. Check all necessary stationary like pen, pencil etc

4. Reach the exam room on time and drink water before exam because without water due to dehydration you may get head ach.

5. Read the compulsory instructions given on the question paper and start answering the known questions or easy questions than hard questions.

6. Do not waste too much time on thinking the answer but after finishing the questions you may again work on the unsolved questions.

7. Once you finish the question paper, check the answer sheet once again.

8. Ensure that you have filled all necessary information on answer sheet.

9. After the exam, do not compare the answers with anyone because it will affect your next exam.

10. Start planning and preparing for next exam.

Anup Sharma

This article was written by Anup Sharma

I am a life- long learner and learned not only to be an effective IB teacher but an Educational leader. I have motivated and guided thousands of students and tens of teachers till now. I have worked as educational leader in schools and successfully motivated the team to perform at their best. As an Educational leader I organised many events and competitions of both academics and sports. I have conducted Public examinations of a state of Diu as Centre superintendent appointed directly by Govt of India. More About Me

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