Lime stone Practical activity

Student Activity : Lime stone
Practical activity


You are required to do following
and do not forget to record any change like bubbles,gas color etc.

1.Action of heat on limestone and
preparation of limewater



Measure the mass of

Put the given chalk/limestone in crucible
and heat it strongly on a tripod stand using wire gauze.(safety glasses)


After about 10 minutes pick up the
crucible with tong and measure the mass again and drop it into a small beaker
containing some water.

Stir the mixture and filter the



(record amount of water)Measure the
mass of empty crucible.

Find out the change in the mass of

If mass is reduced, what is reduced
from limestone? Think!


2. Using a clean straw gently exhale your breath several times
through the solution. Did you notice something?


3. Take little limestone in test
tube and react it with given Hydrochloric acid(Take care).

Did you notice something?

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