Mole Concept





MOLE- It is an amount of a substance in which 6.022X1023 particles are present.

6.022X1023 is known as Avogadro’s number.

1 mole atoms = gram atomic mass = 6.022X1023 atoms

example – 1 mole oxygen atoms = gram atomic mass of oxygen =16 g = 6.022X1023 atoms

1 mole molecules  = gram molecular  mass = 6.022X1023  molecules

Example -1 moleoxygen  molecules  = gram molecular  mass of oxygen =32 g = 6.022X1023 oxygen molecules

 1 mole ions  = formula unit mass = 6.022X1023 ions

Example – 1 mole( SO4)2- ions  = formula unit mass of ( SO4)2-=96g = 6.022X1023  ( SO4)2ions

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