Nitrogen,Nitrogen Oxides and Ammonia


Occur as free
N2 molecules in the atmosphere (Approximately 78%  by volume)

molecule is very unreactive. (triple covalent bond)

Present in
the form of proteins in all living organisms.

Nitrogen is used as coolant

Used for
making fertilizers.

of ammonia)

Formation of

The electric discharge in lightning provides sufficient energy to break the N ≡ N triple bond and then react with Oxygen gas.

At high
temperatures in car engines, Nitrogen and oxygen react to form NO(gas) which
released into air with exhausted gas

NO(Nitrogen monoxide) formed will be oxidized to NO2(Nitrogen di oxide)

NO + O2  –>  NO2

Other than NO
and NO2 , N2 can form other oxides example. NO2 molecules (brown).



One of the
most fundamental raw materials for modern industries

source of fertilizers and 85% of ammonia is used to make nitrogenous fertilizers
(e.g. (NH4)2SO4, NH4NO3)

Making fibres
and plastics (rayon, nylon)

nitric(V) acid (used to make fertilizers, dyes)

household cleaners



It is
manufactured by the combination of N2 gas and H2 gas under suitable conditions
of temperature and pressure(Compromise conditions)

+ 3H2 –>

conditions- This reaction is reversible and exothermic. By increasing
temperature the backward reaction will be preferred. By reducing temperature
the rate of reaction is decreased.

Hence to
maintain a suitable rate of production a compromise temperature  450  C is maintained.

Similarly for
Maintaining rate high pressure is needed which is costly.

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