Teacher’s Various Roles

The Role of the Teacher in School Management:

The reputation of every school is more or less dependent on the quality and competency of the teachers in the school and that is why it is important for every teacher to be dedicated to towards maintaining the reputation of the school. Since school is a place where learning takes place and the teachers are the instruments through which the learning process is completed it is the duty of every teacher to ensure that the right methodology is followed in the classroom where the teaching –learning process stakes place. But the role of the teacher as part of the school management process is still look on with apprehension but at the same time it is also considered as vital to the growth and development of the school as a place where learning is imparted.

The Role of the Teacher in Decision Making: 

The role of the teacher as manager of the school is seen as significant because teachers are the main pillars on which the learning depends. For example, no body other than the teachers knows what is beneficial for a student and also something that is good for one student may not be relevant for another. So it is the teachers who are able to identify individual needs of students and make sure that the need is fulfilled. Hence, the role of the teacher becomes significant for the fulfillment of such needs which may be common for a few students and which may be specific for one or two. That is why it is important for the teacher to take on the role of a decision maker.  Since it is the teacher who interacts directly with the students, it is the teacher alone who understands their needs and is able to make the right decisions that will benefit the student or students.  

Since the teaching learning process takes place within the confines of a classroom, the role of the teacher here in deciding the type of classrooms, the infrastructure within the classroom and the resources needed for an effective teaching learning process to be conducted takes on importance. Apart from this, as part of the classroom management regime, the teacher should be able to not only make decisions without interference, but also be given the freedom to implement those decisions and execute in the best possible methods for the absolute benefit of the students which is the main reason or the process in the first place.

Understanding the Capabilities of Students: 

The teacher is the one who conducts the teaching process and hence should have a role to play in curriculum decision, extra –curricular and co-curricular activities, identifying the talents in the children and promoting them so that with encouragement the children themselves become more confident about their inherent talents. Educational tours, field trips or activities like exhibitions and cultural programs, sporting activities should provide space for the opinion of the teacher to be included in it. This is because the teacher is aware of the children and their talents and capabilities so on that basis is able to recommend he student who is likely to successfully represent the school in competitions outside the school.

Therefore the teacher must play a big role in school management and decision making as it is the teacher who is a bridge that fills the gap between the management and the students. 

Anup Sharma

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